Make no mistake. Networking events is a great way to meet a lot of business professionals at one time. Networking events allow people to put a face and personality to your business.

If your networking persona is amiss you risk wasting your time and worse, wasting someone else’s.
Here are 10 guidelines to maximize and polish your networking efforts.

1. Be prepared

Bring a lot of business cards and stash them where you can easily retrieve them.

2. Arrive early

It will give you some time to relax.

3. Have a goal

Do you want two, three or five new contacts? Remember, a contact isnot simply introducing yourself, talking about your business, and then forking over a businesscard.

4. Rehearse

Your elevator speech beforehand. It will sound more natural and you can improvise it on the fly.

5. Say Hello!

Make the effort to go over to and say hello to new people, they are nervous as well.

6. Listen

To people, their conversations and encourage synergy.

7. Take notes

On the back of their business card, what you talked about, interesting facts about the person and so on.

8. Collect cards

Keep cards from those you think can assist your business.
Pass along cards that can help others. People remember good deeds.

9. Have a plan

At a minimum follow-up with an email or phone call and remind them how much you enjoyed speaking with them.
Or, offer to meet for coffee, take it to the next level to learn more about them.

10. Have fun

Be happy and ask great questions.

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