No Interface Design

Time to start planning your next NO INTERFACE move…?

American Express x Jawbone

Amex X Jawbone

April 2015 saw American Express partner with Jawbone to offer contactless payments via the fitness-tracking wristband. Users can add an Amex card to Jawbone’s UP4 model – payments are made by tapping the wristband against an NFC-enabled card reader. Because the authorization token is stored on the wristband, payments can be made when the band is separated from the user’s cellphone.

Libero Baby Buzz

Libero X Baby Buzz

In an attempt to foster parental empathy, Scandinavia-based diaper brandLibero unveiled Baby Buzz in March 2015. Designed for expectant parents, the connected smartwatches vibrate every time the child kicks in the mother’s womb, allowing both parents to experience the ‘feeling’ of pregnancy.

Sesame for Nexus


Developed in Israel and funded on Indiegogo in January 2015, Sesame provides touch-free access for the Google Nexus Phone. The smartphone software allows users to carry out a range of functions (from phone calls to playing games), via gesture or voice control. The operating system was developed to aid people with disabilities and is capable of recognizing small head movements.

Smile Suggest


Available from April 2015, Smile Suggest is a Google Chrome extension that uses a webcam to track smiles and facial movements and automatically bookmarks the web content that caused them. The extension was developed by copywriter Martin McAllister. Gimmicky? Maybe. But certainly an angle for any brand with an online presence to explore.

Coles Hiku

Coles Hiku

May 2015 saw Australian supermarket chain Coles trial hiku, a smart device that allows consumers to easily re-order groceries using voice commands. The small magnetic device, which is designed to be placed on a fridge, can also scan barcodes and automatically syncs shopping lists to Coles’ app or into an online order. Developed in California, hiku is not currently available to purchase in Australia.

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