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One of the ways tweets encourage people to click through to your site or to download your app is by showing them an engaging image. Here are four image themes that often drive results, according to our experts.

  1. Showcase your product
    Think of your image as an opportunity to introduce your brand to new users. Stay away from the stock images! For an app, this can be as simple as highlighting a great screenshot showing an exciting in-app moment.
  2. Share the company you keep
    Emphasize any associations with well-known names or products to get users’ attention.
  3. Explain the process
    The goal of a campaign is often to reach new customers — so you can’t assume that they already know how your product or service works. A quick 1, 2, 3 diagram or concise sentence can get your value proposition across at a glance.
  4. Localize
    If you’re geo-targeting your campaign, align your image to the city or region you’re targeting.
  5. Test
    Try testing lifestyle vs. product images to see which resonate more with your audience.


Website and App Install Cards have a call-to-action button. You have options, so here are some things to think about when choosing the best CTA for your Ads.

  1. Website Cards Match the CTA to the desired action. You have something you want users to do, so be specific to give them as much context as possible. Try “Read More” for a Card that links to a blog post or case study, or “Register Now” if your goal is sign-ups.
  2. App Install Cards Match the CTA to the desired audience. The call-toaction button for your App Install Card can be automatically adjusted based on your audience. If your target is new users, it will say “Install.” If your goal is retention and re-engagement, you’ll want to target existing users and add a deep link to your Card.


Your choice of image and CTA button should inform the rest of your Tweet. Each part serves a purpose!

Here are four themes for your Tweet copy that our experts suggest:


  1. Convey a sense of urgencyWhy do people need to visit your site or download your app right now? Maybe your offer is only available for a short period of time, or your supply is limited. Consider the real-time nature of the Twitter platform and give people a reason to take immediate action.
  1. Minimize distractions
  • Focus the user on the desired action by avoiding @handles and #hashtags. You want the most clickable elements to be the CTA button and the image. · Website Cards paired with Tweets that don’t include an @ or a # drive 23% more clicks.
  • App Install Cards paired with Tweets that don’t include an @ or a # drive 11% more clicks
  • Let your audience know if you have a high rating from users or have received positive press.

3.Give users a roadmap

The first step may be installing the app or visiting your website — but what’s next? Make sure you mention the next step for potential customers (such as reading a book or buying a pair of shoes) so they know exactly what to do.

  1. Ask a question

It helps users feel like they’re part of a conversation and can compel them to click through. · Website Cards paired with Tweets that include a “?” drive 25% more clicks · App Install Cards paired with Tweets that include a “?” drive 8% more clicks



The same Website or App Install Card can be used with different Tweet copy. Ideally, Twitter experts recommend 4-6 different Tweets so that you can test out copy variations, such as:

Using symbols and numbers Does “20% off” drive better conversions than “$10 savings”?

How does “Delivery included!” compare with “Free shipping”?

Different styles of customer testimonials Will a quote from a positive review perform better than sharing the number of positive reviews received? ·

Timely messages Does a reference to a recent event or pop culture moment generate more interest than a more timeless approach?


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