Why taking pictures at any business event is important

A Picture is worth a Million dollars and a Thousand words.

You are throwing away money if you don’t take at least one photo of the event you attend for your company. .

Photos are just as important to your brand image and your storytelling as anything else you use in your materials. Most companies spend $1,000’s to attend events and trade shows.

Think about how much your time is worth. What if you had to pay the team of people that got you to the event, out of your own pocket? Think about all the people involved, your company or non-profit, to the event. And all of the people, who donated their time to the event. You are throwing away money and future opportunities to make money, by not taking pictures. Just one good picture. Even one bad picture can make you money.

An event is never free. Even donated time and products have a cost. Your time is very valuable and photo is worth a thousand words and potentially millions of dollars.

After the event is over and you don’t have a single picture for your archives, proposals, flyers, or social media, you have thrown away money. You have to start from ground zero to get people confident in what you do and how your company does it, to the next event.

A photo is inspiring proof. Proof that your company, product or service is as amazing you say it is. Proof that you are active in your community and industry, and are hungry for new business.

You can use those photos to attract more clients and more money and creates a plethora of marketing content for the next several months or years.


I was working the event and didn’t think about it.
You should think about it. You can email clients the photos as a, thank you for attending the event.

You will be more memorable and have one more reason to contact them.

I was alone.
Then don’t be in the shot. Take a picture of the key speaker, sponsor, your company signage, event banner, or people at the event. Your pictures can be used to make you money for promotional material and press released and help communicate your story to potential customers.

I am not a good photographer.
Take more pictures you will get better.
If you don’t have a picture the event didn’t happen and you are saying you don’t want money.

12 photos make a portfolio, A year long direct marketing campaign, Augment proposals, A company calendar, case study, book, powerpoint presentation, video, email series, or white paper. All of those things you need. All of those things create trust in your product and service. All of those things people will want to share.

In this day and age of visual sharing, if there is not a photo of an event, it did not happen. And with a camera in everyone’s pocket there is no reason to throw away money.



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