Trend Report Series: Facebook – Shifts for 2020



Shifts for 2020

The world is changing—fast.

By 2020, more people will have mobile phones than running water or electricity at home.1 And for the first time in history, more people will be connected to the internet than not.1 Mobile will generate nearly half of US ecommerce sales2 and Millennials will make up half the global workforce3—but don’t look for them in customer service, given that 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human.4

A whole new world? Practically—and it’s just around the corner.

Sitting at the bustling, global intersection of over 2B people and 6M advertisers, we think the future is brimming with opportunity.

From mixed reality to messaging apps as a path to purchase, harness these shifts today to prepare for growth and relevance tomorrow.\