Creative Exercise 1

Repost from Fast Company

Welcome to Creativity Unlocked, a unique partnership between Fast Company and Microsoft.

We’re conducting short exercises throughout the project that are designed to help you be your best at work—to be more productive, creative and level-headed despite the increasing demands and changes we’re all facing on the job.

You’ll receive one exercise per week for eight weeks. We encourage you to do the exercise that week and share your experience with coworkers and friends.

Let’s get started.

Your best, most creative ideas can come when you’re not looking for them. Letting your mind wander can trigger new perspectives on intractable problems and lead you down a path you didn’t even realize was there. Getting away from the familiar and from a predetermined goal is the key.

Take a 15-minute walk outside today without a destination in mind. Set the timer on your phone and wander. Take the time to observe and be present, noticing anything new you may have missed before, the more specific the better. Imagine you’re in another country, your senses keenly aware of the sights, smells, and textures around you. What do you notice that’s new? What does it make you think of? If it were the setting for a movie or a short story, what would happen next?


Take a moment to share with your team—tell them what you observed on your walk and what it inspired.


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