Creative Exercise 2

Repost from Fast Company

Welcome back to “Creativity Unlocked,” brought to you by Fast Company and Microsoft.

Last week’s exercise helped you unlock your creative self by walking and letting your mind wander. This week we want you to get crafty with your favorite magazine.

Visual cues can get the creative juices flowing quickly. That’s why creative directors and designers use inspiration or mood boards when they begin a project. Sometimes all it takes to tackle a problem is to change the way you’re looking at it—literally.

Grab an issue of your favorite magazine and a pair of scissors. Spend 10 minutes cutting out images and create an inspiration board with them. They may have nothing to do with your current work, and that’s fine—creative inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources.


Share your inspiration board with your team and tell them what you were thinking as you put it together, and talk about which problems it can help solve.


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