2019 Trend recap

Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in the Future Forecast 2019 report:

: Beauty

Two competing beauty narratives will thrive in 2019 – one concerning self-care and the other about the search for perfection. We look at how this year’s Cosmetic Crusaders are now collaborating with the transgender community and how haircare will be given a quantum makeover to ensure that these tools replenish rather than damage hair. In addition, Michael Sheridan, founder of retail design agency Sheridan&Co, shares his thoughts on the rhetoric that brands should use when marketing beauty to men.

: Drink

Beverages will be designed to foster the health of consumers and the planet through trends like Displaced Drinks, Alternative Intoxication and Elevated Energy Drinks, while author and bartender Jim Meehan discusses the importance of moderation in the alcohol industry and how brands can tap into the growing interest in marijuana.


A greater understanding of the strain that fast fashion is putting on the environment is creating a new consumer who focuses on the digital rather than the material. As styling our online selves becomes as, if not more, important than real-life curation, Digital Gratification spotlights the designers creating our new digital closet, and we look at how machine learning will be used to create Optimised Wardrobes in the physical world.


As the issue of food security continues to proliferate, it will inspire new agricultural and culinary approaches, inspired by ancient appetites and facilitated by new technologies. Leo Campbell, co-founder of Modern Baker, explains why carbohydrates are having a revival, and we explore five trends including Cultivating Flavour and Alt-agri Farms.


Financial insecurity and the threat of debt will drive consumer spending next year as consumers demand a financial offering that adjusts to meet their needs. As people’s trust in Biometric Money grows, we explore the technologies that will be used to improve both security and ease of payment, and we talk to Achtung Studio about its collaboration with Adyen and how it is rebranding the typically dry topic of payments for the modern consumer.


Next year Generation Z will turn their emotions into actions with an emphasis on improved self-care solutions and spiritual healing practices. We reveal how trends like Spirituality Paradox and Acne Positivity will help your brand appeal to this generation of young people. With a projected Chinese Generation Z population of 312m, we talk to Arnold Ma, CEO of marketing agency Qumin, about this generation’s pervasive consumer mindset.

Health & Wellness

Female health will come to the fore and new technologies will empower consumers to take control of their fitness and their data. We talk to Lea von Bidder, founder of Ava Science, about why the conversation around fertility will become prominent, and we highlight the technology innovations that will revolutionise the health sector in trends such as Protective Sportswear and Fitness Furnishings.


A collective backlash against ostentatious spending is prompting consumers to seek products that are social, accessible and supportive. As affluent consumers feel increasingly apprehensive about being deemed inappropriate spenders, they will take part in Luxury Upcycling and search for Inconspicuous Goods.


Data will be the biggest driver for retailers in 2019, as stores become more astute at knowing who their consumers really are. We look at how brands such as Nike are creating state-of-the-art Data ID Stores that personalise and streamline the shopping process, and examine the brands using automated delivery to alleviate the traditional delivery pain point through Last-mile Mobility.

Travel & Hospitality

The travel industry is being shaken up as consumers search for more transformational travel experiences. With loneliness on the rise, we look at the Connecting Clubs creating more meaningful relationships between members and how Empowered Travel will redress the cultural imbalance in the travel and hospitality industry.

:  Zizi Donohoe Spring Summer 2018 campaign. Photography by Nadia Lee Cohen
: The Lobby Bar cocktails at The Line Hotel, LA
: Kinfolk magazine editorial. Photography by Lucy Ruth Hathaway
: Diesel Hate Couture autumn/winter 2018
: Glossier Flagship, New York
: Wayuu World Bags, Guajira


trend report from digital well being.org


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