Take a picture today – The Future Of Work – Video

This was a pexel community challenge. I liked it so much I appropriated it. Go check our pexel for more resources and challenges. I use them all the time.

The Future Of Work – Community Video Photo inspiration

Explore what the future of work should look like.

It’s come in conversations, it’s been discovered in destinations and has been enabled through technology partnering with community.

Bring the work of tomorrow, today. Get inspired and shot a video or photo 10-15 second video clip of what the future of work looks like to you. You can send me the link to your video or youtube chanel and I will repost it on this website and my instagram. @rschmolze

Help shine light on a more productive and peaceful future.

Video Ideas:

  • Out of Office – Where are you opening you laptop for the day? Shot from a POV.
  • The Morning Commute – Record your morning commute, how inspiring are your surroundings?
  • After work? – What are you doing differently after work that your destination allows you to do?
  • Positive Impact – What positive difference does your work allow you to do?
  • Inspiring places – Where has your work taken you, the most picturesque place you’ve been?

Always shoot in Landscape/Horizontal and please don’t apply any filters or gradient.



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-Robert Schmolze


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