Mars Case Study for Open Architecture

  PROJECT DETAILS PROJECT NAMEMars CaseLOCATION Beijing , ChinaARCHITECTOPEN ArchitectureCLIENT/OWNER2018 House Vision ChinaPROJECT TYPES Prototype , Single FamilyPROJECT SCOPENew ConstructionSIZE130 sq. feetSHARED BY Katie Gerfen , Hanley WoodPROJECT STATUSConcept Proposal By Katie Gerfen When asked to envision how we should live in the future, it can seem glib for an architecture firm facing the realities of climate change to … Continue reading Mars Case Study for Open Architecture


A Provisional Who’s Who of Smart City Architects and Planners (Plus a Critic or Two) from Architect Magazine

Maria Aiolova, assoc. aia co-founder, terreform one An architect, educator, and urban designer who holds 18 technology patents, Aiolova co-founded Terreform One, a design research nonprofit in Brooklyn, N.Y. The group looks to technology, design, and synthetic biology to develop sustainable, localized solutions for transportation, infrastructure, waste treatment, food, water, energy, and other concerns. John … Continue reading A Provisional Who’s Who of Smart City Architects and Planners (Plus a Critic or Two) from Architect Magazine

Take a Picture – Portraits Re-Imaged

Portraits are not simply just headshots. They have the ability to tell intimate stories in ways that would otherwise take a million words. Grab your creativity, prisms, fairy lights, and strobes. Show us how you push the boundaries of classic portraits and storytelling by submitting your photos to our Portraits Re-Imagined. Send me a link … Continue reading Take a Picture – Portraits Re-Imaged

Take a photo today – Welcome to my Neighborhood.

There are 28 million small businesses that drive the American economy, 46% of these entities operate without a website. The absence of a web presence has led to trillions of dollars of unrealized business in neighborhoods all across America. The photos should be diverse. Colorful. Real. Images captured from amazing businesses celebrating the craft and … Continue reading Take a photo today – Welcome to my Neighborhood.

Take a picture today – The Future Of Work – Video

This was a pexel community challenge. I liked it so much I appropriated it. Go check our pexel for more resources and challenges. I use them all the time. The Future Of Work - Community Video Photo inspiration Explore what the future of work should look like. It's come in conversations, it's been discovered in … Continue reading Take a picture today – The Future Of Work – Video

2019 Topics of discussion

INTUITIVE TECH What challenges lie ahead for designers in integrating the digital and the physical? FULL CIRCLE Can we design spaces that are environmentally and socially sustainable? THE CO-ECONOMY Is it possible to foster real collaboration at work, on the road, and at home? CLUB ME How can we create ultimate personalisation without losing sight … Continue reading 2019 Topics of discussion

2019 Trends from Future Laboratory

Our Foresight researchers have identified five key trends for each sector. Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in the Future Forecast 2019 report: : Beauty Two competing beauty narratives will thrive in 2019 – one concerning self-care and the other about the search for perfection. We look at how this year’s Cosmetic Crusaders are now … Continue reading 2019 Trends from Future Laboratory